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“ULTRA cheap macrophotography” – short photo lesson no 6

In this article I will show you how to create nature picture using extremely cheap equipment. I will present you with the effects of using some chosen point-and-shoot cameras. Is it worth to buy such cheap equipment? Only if you don’t want to spend money on macrophotography and only make

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Super macro mode – marketing bullshit or useful feature?

Almost every point and shoot camera has so called super macro mode activated by clicking the button with a flower on. Photographers in many publication depreciated this function, claiming that it possesses no usabilty in practice and producers used to empasis the meaning of the mode only to increase the

The world in a Christmas ball” – Short photo lesson #2

  If you are a photographer you have probably already used a technique which consist in taking pictures of  reflection of the object. This concerns mainly reflections of building on puddles or  water of lakes, slowly flowing rivers or calm water of sea bays. But did you think about reflections in